I love to smile, rest is my life.

“If life is all about to live, then why crying? I love to smile, rest is my life.”

It is what strikes your mind if you see these young hearts with such a precious carefree laughter. But again, it is not the end. You will see confused eyes who still find difficulties with angles of triangles living with the taboos against knowing who they actually are and up to what they are destined for.

Life is always beautiful if you do yourself a favor by looking into a brighter part of it. But often, we are made to see the grayish part of it; sometimes taught.

Better School team recently visited Laxmi Higher Secondary School, Lanku to share a part of smile with these little friends and discovered colors of possibilities that could paint any world to a beautiful place as we dream the earth to be the one. Yes, globe is not big for them. Happiness and freedom is not unreachable to them. They sought to challenge the toughest of the tough warriors of any corner in the world. They believe on what they are. Their limit is unlimited. Nothing they can’t do. Nothing they can’t be.

It is UNLESS, we change the tonic of our thinking, find the start and stop making the life complex.


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