Better Youth Camp 16 – Day 1

A day 1 of Better Youth Camp 16 concluded with loads of positive vibes that stimulated the session with zest and learning attitude.

The camp was hosted by Better Rubina Shrestha who presented a video on better Chitwan with team #betterchitwan illuminating the concept behind the BETTER CHITWAN. Then all the participants played a hot potato game to know each-other in a better way as an introduction warm-up.

Youth leader Better Ganesh Aagam Dhungana led the leadership session for the first day where he shared his experiences on leadership practices|ethics|dignities through the fact-moral examples that elucidated on Impact leadership and leadership exclusive of vision. Moreover, the session was not to motivate participants but was about insisting them to take a choice which would be good for their life.

Then, Better Sagar Karki spoke on positive attitude|thinking|behavior where he discussed on facts which are illusion, dreams that can be reality, and actions that always have a deserving reaction. He was basically focused on behavioral change, self realization and transformation so achieve after the processes of actions and implementation.

Better Sandhya Subedi gave a presentation on roles of youths for sustainable health where she introduced the major health issues faced by youths of our country and the possible way outs to overcome them in an intelligent way. The session was less a presentation but more a workshop. Similarly, Better Madhav Khanal shared his experiences on how he is reaching out to thousands of child to promote Child Health and Hygiene. He shared his dream of supporting a library to the students of Chepang community that ignited participants to come up with something new to help the needy.

If we want to be something one day in our life then we must try being the same every day. Nothing is impossible in this world if we have a belief on ourselves but the thing is we must keep on moving every day. And hope is what keeps us alive.

Freedom of Expression|Thoughts|Speeches



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