Dashain For All 016

Team Better Chitwan express its gratitude to organizer #Brothers_Nepal and joint collaborators #Brothershood_and_Sistershood_Nepal and #Ashok_Yuva_Club for such a wonderful and inspiring event ‘Dashain for all’. The best part of it was to see the kids with big smiling faces and thankfully we too were a reason behind their happiness. Great effort shown by the organizer. Kudos to hardworking youths of Ashok Yuva Club and Brothershood and Sistershood Nepal.

Street Children have always a sad story with them. But after seeing all enjoying their every moment at P2C2 we felt that a gray part of their life too could turn into a colorful reel if shown a support-love-care.

They were happy today to get surprising gifts. They got their new pair of slippers, new clothes and enjoyed a lunch with special dance treat. And on very World Smile Day, they gifted us a reason to smile, a reason to be happy.

Thank you so much everyone who showed their huge support and were there to spend some time with children of P2C2. Your presence meant a lot for us. Special thanks to P2C2, our guests and media persons.


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