Junk Art Mela 16 – Junk Art Competition

img_7738Narayani has given us a lot to cheer about. But these are what we are giving her back as a return; pollution.  It is now just not our responsibility, it has been our necessity to protect our environment.

Many people might be/are ‘aware’, ‘educated’ and ‘informed’, but without changing own behavior to (better) protect the environment. We always try to do things in easier way. Now, let’s come out of our comfort zone. The change has to come from the self. Let’s make a promise not to exhibit hazardous practices to pollute our city. Educate and practice, that is the only way it can be inculcated into the psyche of every people.

Junk Art Mela 16 – Junk Art Competition is the first ever initiation by team Better Chitwan to develop a creative approaches to aware people about Environment pollution and encourage them to make their own city clean. Event will be organized at Narayani River Side on Saturday, 29th, October 2016 in which participants will create a beautiful object art out of Junk available in Narayani River Side. It is an open competition and participants of any age group can participate.

A panel of experts will choose one first- and Second-place winner team for the best decorative or up cycled entry using junk that will be kept in demonstration on the same day. The competition will be followed by a cleanliness campaign, a treasure haunt competition and an exhibition with awareness messages.

The judgment will be made on criteria including but not limited to:

  • Concept, artistic creativity, originality, style and quality of workmanship.
  • Number of items and Vintage elements used.
  • Eye Appeal

A team can have maximum of 3 members and participants must haunt all the necessary items before the start of the event. They are allowed to collect any amount of junk from the ambience of Nrayani river side but should be responsible for the safe disposal of the waste collected by them. The schedule of the event is as follow:


The event is sponsored by Auto Décor, Bharatpur-10, Airport Road, Chitwan.

Rules for Contest:

  • Registration should be made before 2:00 pm of the event day.
  • One team can have maximum of 3 participants.
  • Keep it simple and have fun.
  • Participants must keep their materials ready before event commence.
  • No homemade items are allowed in the display.
  • Participants are allowed to color the finished junk item but are not allowed to use homemade tools to cut and weld it.
  • Each art must be provided with a theme and participants must explain the concept behind it during the demonstration.
  • Each team must complete the art within provided 2 hours of time.

For Further Information:

Team Better Chitwan


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