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This winter!
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Er. Sagar Karki/9815903844

Campaign Lead – #BetterChitwan

Had been to Shree Bagh Bhairab Basic School, Kewalpur and met this cute-brave guy with an amazing will power to be something special in his life. He is Raju Mijaar from Bhimesthan, Kewalpur, Dhading. We had conducted a group game to the students just to keep them engaged before a celebration of World Toilet Day 2016. And to our utter surprise this little lad won the game on his sole effort.

“What is my reward, Sir?”He asked. I had no plan for a gift to the winner. I was then in dilemma.

“Humm!!! Well, for that you need to speak in front of all the students about hygiene?” I asked to him. And with no delay he moved towards the face dais and with his cute-brave smile started introducing himself. I was amazed with his confidence and next thing that caught my eyes was his uniform. Though it was a cold day, he was wearing a shirt that was torn out at many places and stitched multiple times.

“Don’t you have another shirt?” I asked to him.

“Yes, I have.” He replied.

“No Sir, he doesn’t have another shirt. He always wears the same shirt.” His friends revealed in unison. He remained low and slighted. That clicked an idea in my mind.

“You will get your new uniform as a reward.” I announced. A charm on his face was worth a million.

Later, I came to know that he is from a very poor Mijaar family. He has a sister who is studying in the same school in class 5. When I discussed about the same with the Principal, he informed me that there are many other students with similar difficulties who can’t even afford their school uniform.

I am expecting for some kind hearts out there who would like to contribute so that most needy students of Shree Bagh Bhairav Basic School, Kewalpur would get warm clothes for this winter. With the suggestion made by school principal I have listed out the name of 8 students and I am planning to provide them with warm clothes and a school uniform.

A set of a sweater and school’s uniform costs about NRs 1600. Please inbox me if you want to make your contribution. I assure you, your kind help will bring warm smile on their face.


Shree Bagh Bhairab Basic School is a Government School which is located at Hudi, Kewalpur-6, Dhading. 160 students from the nearby community are studying in the school out of which 76 are girls and 84 are boys with 5 male staffs and 4 female staffs. From a preliminary assessment of the School it is found that most of the students are from a poor family and belong to underprivileged group who can’t even afford a proper school uniform.

Raju Mijaar is the student studying in Class 4; belongs to a disadvantaged family who don’t have a secure source of income and has to go through many struggles to net a good one time food for a day.  He has only one set of a School uniform that too is torn out from many places and stitched multiple times. Winter is getting more intense and most obvious it is that a thin shirt with a single button on it can’t hold out the cold.

He is a very talented boy, little bashful but with a great confidence on his ability who dreams to be the teacher and take care of his family after becoming matured. He has a sister who is studying in Class 5 of the same School. Because school agreed to provide a scholarship of NRs400 per year to her, her parents agreed to send her to the School.

It is just not Raju who is deprived of safe health practices and proper schooling environment due to poverty. There are many students who can’t afford a proper uniform for the school. With the consultation of the school administration we have listed out 8 ultra-poor students who are considered necessary to be taken care right away. Also, there are many students who can’t afford warm clothes this winter. We are putting our best effort to collect resources to support warm clothes to 50 students from Shree Bagh Bhairab Basic School; majority belongs to the underprivileged family.


We are supporting a complete set of School Uniform to 8 Students. Also, we will be distributing 50 warm sweaters to the neediest students of the School; majority of which belongs to the underprivileged family.

A ready set of School Uniform Costs NRs. 1200 and a sweater costs Nrs. 400. A single set for one student is Nrs. 1600.

School Uniform: 8*1,200 = 9,600/-

Sweaters: 98*350 = 34,300/-

The total estimate of the program is Nrs. 43,900.

We are expecting ONE YOUTH to contribute ONE SET of School Uniform to ONE STUDENT.


Please feel free to email us if you have any questions/queries and are looking forward to make your contribution. You can even support the campaign by sharing this message with your friends.


Team #BetterChitwan

E-mail: betterchitwancampaign@gmail.com

Contact: 9865077297/9815903844/




Sagar Karki

Sanima Bank, DhadingBensi Branch


Min Prashad Paudel (Principal; Shree Bagh Bhairabh Basic School, Kewalpur)


Remarks: Financial transparency will be maintained. We assure to preserve the privacy on contributor’s consideration.

Thank You!


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