“Upahaar-NYANO MAYA”

As we get, let us share. As we weep, let us care.

It is not just about Raju Mijaar.

It is now about all those little kids who in fact deserves better this winter.

It is not just about distributing the warm clothes to them. It is now sharing our love to make them realize that there are some people who still care about them. Let’s think beyond the border. Let’s come out of our comfort zone. You don’t need to go far and round the globe to realize it. There are yet many people who can’t even afford a pair of clothes once a year. Kalikot is a burning example of it.

“Upahaar-NYANO MAYA” is just a small initiation to our best effort and we are grateful to all those kind heart that found it really positive and came forth to support the most underprivileged students of Shree Bagh Bhairab Basic School, Kewalpur, Dhading. You won’t believe, but it is really amazing to see those little kids with cute-bright smile. And for sure, we will share those smiles with you that would be just because for your gift ‘Upahaar-NYANO MAYA’ to them.

Please share this so that it could reach to as many people as possible. Let youths of various corner of the country be motivated to do their part from their own region. Not even a single child must struggle to survive winter’s bitter cold. Not even a single child must die from the cold this winter. Various approaches could be applied but it is all about sharing NYANO MAYA.


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