Better School

‘Introducing; Better School Program’


Better We, Better Chitwan


‘Better School’ is a student based program, aims to explore better learning ambience by peering among students and schools. The program aims in developing motivation and leadership strategies which promotes personal headship and life-success for all the students. Especially, ‘Better School’ helps students to identify and intervene barriers on creative learning and assists in developing comprehensive strategies with stirring consultation, leadership impact trainings and open volunteering platform.





1. How it works?

  1. Formation of Better School Club:
  2. Students (4 students from each Classes 6-9)
  3. ECA Head
  4. School Parent’s Association Representative
  5. School Alumni Representative

There will be 16 student members in a Club who will lead better practices in school and other members helps in building a strong alliances among students, teachers, parents and ex-students.

2. Inculcating Concept of Excellence in Better School:

So as to achieve the objectives of Better School program, better school club will be trained on four different components so that they could practice those learning in schools taking a self initiation. Simultaneously, students will be provided with stirring consultation, impact leadership training, open volunteering platform, hygiene promotion training, capacity building training and other better opportunities as per their requirement.

  • Better Learning

Students will be trained on better learning approaches where they will be engaged on project-based learning. It helps them to develop a practice of integrated studies and cooperative learning through comprehensive assessments. Better learning will encourage teachers to coach as an intellectual and Emotional guide nurturing a student’s interests and self confidence executing classroom management techniques. It will lead student to identify the barriers in learning process ad the strategies to overcome the hurdles; through learning and sharing practices.

  • Better Ambience

Though we call student life as a life with benefits, it also imposes inevitable stresses. There are many issues like study, identity & self-development, career goals, relationship, transition issues etc. that triggers unavoidable stress and depression to students. Unless, there is better ambience at school and home no student can have a better learning practices. So, here we basically concentrate on how to create a student friendly environment in School and homes through a self-initiation approaches of Students.

  • Better Infrastructure

Most of the school doesn’t have better infrastructure practices. Available technology and resources comes under infrastructure and the intelligent use of those technology and resources is ‘better infrastructure’. It is most necessary to train students on proper use of the available infrastructure in Schools. Also we will be promoting on modernization of the nature of curriculum, students assignments, parental connections and administration along with restructuring resources of time, money and facilities in Schools.

We will also train students on protection and sustainability of available resources in School through COD (Ceiling of Desires) and other fund raising techniques.

  • Better Home

For any child, Home is the first School and parents are the first teachers who instill values that encourage school learning. It is most necessary that parents and child have a very sound relationship which reassure a healthy learning environment in home. We aim to build a good Parents-Teacher alliance so that they could have better understanding about student’s progress and could work out on improvement of their performance.

3. Student Lead Better School Program:

While inculcating concept of excellence in better School club,students are allowed to have practices on four different components of Better School Program through project based learning. They will lead their own campaigns which they find best for a better School. Better Chitwan will be providing them with regular counseling and create better opportunities according to their requirement in association with various youth-lead organizations of Chitwan. Also, they will be provided with open volunteering platform which will help them to build their poise and leadership quality.

4. What Next??

No matter how different we think or do, at the core of it all, we all have an identical dream! A dream for ‘Better Chitwan’. Better School program is just an initiation. Change has to be made; not in words alone but in action as well; together we can.

Check list:

  • Child Volunteering Program
  • Better Library (developing a reading culture)
  • Better WASH (SLTS/CHAST/C2C Activities)
  • Capacity Building Trainings
  • Motivational Seminars/Awareness Campaigns
  • Child Festival
  • Community Partners
  • S2C (School to career) programs.

Note: Above stated framework is not rigid and it can be ameliorated with better concept. Any suggestions would be seriously taken to mold a better agenda.