Upaahar Nyano Maya 2

29/12/2016 #UpahaarNyanoMaya @Shree Ratna Jyoti Basic School, Dhola.

We feel glad to share you that today we have distributed a warm love to the students of Ratna-Jyoti Basic School and Shree Kalika Secondary School of Dola VDC, Dhading that were gifted by our kind contributors. It was a great feeling to see the intensity of happiness on their face which has no comparison to any material goods. We distributed 40 sets of School Sweaters and woolen cap of Ratna Jyoti Basic School and 10 sets to the students of Shree Kalika Secondary School. We are really grateful to our contributors; Ganga Panta, Hari Tiwari, Basanta pokharel, Arpana Sharma, Bishnu Rijal, Bishnu Shrestha, Pramod Bhatta, Nakul Shrestha, Ramesh Shrestha, Jah Maharjan, Ramesh Parajuli, Karuna Devkota and all the Campaigners of Better Chitwan Campaign. Special thanks to Radhika Shrestha who made it all possible. Loads of thanks to the school management team who were so supportive and positive with our initiation.


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