Team Better Chitwan proudly presents “Better Youth – Smart Presentation” workshop in Chitwan for the first time which aims to train 200 young change believers for the season 017.

It’s designed to empower young people to:

  • Become creative and aware of importance of smart presentation.
  • Make better presentation to meet their professional goals.
  • Develop the confidence and bring out the real ideas safe and smart.
  • Create their own innovative thoughts through presentation to educate their peers.

Many creative youths are having their own masterpiece on their mind but four out of five fails to induce their ides in a right juncture due to poor presentation skills. Lack of Confidence, lack of knowledge on smart presentation and less exposure are the factors contribute to that. “Better Youth – Smart Presentation” is One Day technical workshop that will train youths on various presentation techniques at almost a free of cost. It includes:

  • PowerPoint Presentation – Workshop (120 minutes)
  • Kick the fear out of your face – Motivation (60 minutes)
  • Presentation for ‘Awareness’ – Team Work (120 minutes)

Program is structured to be conducted in 10 sessions; each session will have 20 participants. After the completion of first Batch of “Better Youth – Smart Presentation” a grand paper presentation competition will be conducted in which the participants will be provided with a topic on any burning issue and will be assigned to aware Better School club through their presentation. Best presentation will be rewarded with exciting prizes.

Apply Here:
Or please drop us line a line at

Or contact us at: 9865077297/9845799067/984563861

Program Coordinator: Muna Kandel / Santosh Lamichhane

Smart Presentation.jpg


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