I was becoming BOLD for CHANGE – Mamta Bhattarai

I understand Women’s Day as a special day which was started with the aim of addressing women’s issues in this era where women are being dominated by different characters existing in this society. While the world debates on equality between these two main genders i.e Male and Female, I would like to say that they are two different sides of a same coin. They have different characteristics but are incomplete without each other. Neither of them can take each other’s place. Anyway, in the present context, a clear scenario of women’s condition can be analyzed that they have been so much dominated by different social and cultural factors that women still lack power to raise voice for their acquired rights. They have been deprived of their rights and are forced to be confined within the four walls of a room.

Many things happen for the first time in human’s life. Likewise, this year’s International Women’s Day celebration was my first genuine celebration of this day. It has been a year that I am actively participating in various social works. Well, although being new to the practical field of women’s empowerment, the basic understanding on this topic is no more a hidden and unidentified. This world has given so much importance to address this issue that almost every child from each corner of the world is well known about this issue. In other words, it can be said that it has been one of the widely discussed topic among youths.

This year’s ‘March 8’ was very different for me as I entered in this field with much knowledge and more research than before. Being involved in an organization called ‘Nepalese Youth Network’ has given me more insights on various social issues. Although I often get job to entertain people with my “loveria” post on facebook group wall, but the daily discussion on various social issues with like-minded people in the group has been proven as fruitful one. Nepalese Youth Network has involved in various social works and during this journey, it came to collaborate with an organization called ‘Better Chitwan’ to organize a program ‘WOW Women – A Women’s Fest |V2.0’. As a part of the program, I was selected to deliver my speech on the topic ‘Women Empowerment’. The previous day was little bit hard as I had never spoken in front of a big mass of people and that fear was scaring me from inside but the co-operation shown by other participants comforted me to express my views on my specific topic.

Really, just like the theme of this year’s International Women’s Day ‘I was becoming BOLD for CHANGE’, speaking in front of 60+ youths including male and female. And of course, the presence of Poet Sarita Tiwari, Social Leader/Trainer Shanti Dhakal Adhikari, Women Entrepreneur/Scout Leader Laxmi Pant, Social Worker Sharada Sharma Poudel and Teacher/ Social Worker Bhagwati Dhakal and a youth campaigner and chief-guest of the program, Amita Kandel made the program more invaluable. Their words for us were so inspiring and based on the present scenario. So, it was so much appreciated by all other participants who were there in the program.

A special live conversation with visually impaired Shristi KC was giving a Goosebumps to me as well as other participants. Her every word was very touchy and inspiring. Conversation with her and knowing her history made me feel that if one really wants to do something then, nothing could be an obstacle and she was a perfect example for that.

During our workshop, we played different creative games being based on our topic. Overall, the program was great and quite fruitful. I can’t say accurately about other but I am glad that I attended the program and that was really a great celebration of International Women’s Day for me. I hope such program will be the base of raising awareness for the women’s to utilize their acquired rights. Last but not the least, thanks to Better Chitwan, Brotherhood and Sisterhood Nepal (BSN), Women’s Room Reloaded (WRR) and Nepalese Youth Network (NYN) for organizing such a wonderful and effective program.



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