She deserves better

Swarsoti Magar with her Mom Ruku Maya Magar. @Kumpur, Dhading.


Had been to Kumpur VDC, Dhading and met this cute little girl of Shree Sundari Basic School, Irju. You won’t believe how cute she is. And spending a short time with her, she touched my heart. Her cute innocent voice and her heart-touching story can make you fall in love with her to its top. She has two elder sisters and lives with parents in a small temporary hut built by her father after Earthquake turned her old house to a threat.

Daughters are never a curse but her father still wants a son though he claims that he has never treated them badly. I had visited her home with her after I came to know about her family condition. A small wretched cottage attached to a shed, her mom welcomed us with a sweet smile, father on a half pant with a confused look.

“I was not feeling well since few days so could not wash her uniform.” Ruku Maya confessed as I enquired about Swarsoti pointing to her untidy torn school shirt. “Till now we have done everything to get them good education but I am worried about their future. We could not go to school but we want them to be a good and educated person so that they can live with dignity in the society. I too want to be a proud mom of my daughters.”

Her husband does small labor works to earn for his family. His drinking habit has troubled them several times and he regrets about it.

Suhmita Magar and Asmmita Magar are other two daughters of Ruku Maya. Swarsoti studies in class one, Sushmita studies in class two and Asmita studies in class Six. Sushmita is a topper of the class. Swarsoti and Asmita too have a good rank in class. Being an eldest daughter in home Asmita has a huge responsibility to help her mother and look after her younger sisters. She wants to be a nurse in future. And I believe, these little kids truly deserves better.

I don’t know how I could help them. But as they have accepted me as a brother I certainly will do something for them. I have a promise to keep and I expect for your kind support for these cute-untainted hearts. I assure you, the better you give them will best furnish their future.

Next is the pic of Swarsoti Magar with her sisters and parents.




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