An Umbrella Walk for CHANGE


Let us introduce you with our female Champions. Yes, this election they are gonna prove how strong and beautiful a girl is.

Local election 074 is not a threat but an opportunity. And it is our responsibility to vote for a right person. Yes, we are coming up with our creative-youthful approach to motivate youths of Chitwan to vote and vote for a right candidate.

Can’t election be a trendy campaign? Why not to take a move if it is for good cause? Let’s aware, take part, be the change and vote.

Asmita Gaire, Sushma Kunwar and their champion’s team is leading an Umbrella Walk for CHANGE campaign to encourage, educate and empower female from Chitwan to vote for change.

I support our young Campaigner. I will be there with a balloon and a pledge to vote for a right candidate. Are you with us??

Please join us on 16th of Baisakh for an Umbrella Walk along with your umbrella. It will be followed by a flash mob drama, dance and thumb mark pledge.



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