An Umbrella Walk for Change

Let’s Walk; Mark and Spark

In the verse where local election has become a matter of attraction to every people and is flowing in social medias so rapidly but the so-called culture of approaching and asking for a vote in front of the citizens showing surreal-fake dreams is still trending which has no sustainable future and must be discouraged for the better change. Like, a single drop counts; a single right vote by every voters can make a huge difference on country’s economy, women’s empowerment and other sectors which is a matter of big concern.

During the time when people are inviting the darkness and segregating; An Umbrella Walk emblems the canopy of the heavens, shelter, power, dignity, shade, and protection. A walk, a hopeful and right mark of today will definitively bring the spark. Together we can make a big difference; henceforth connecting youths to the drive lead by creative female champions would be effective in present scenario which would significantly lead to a bright future.

Here, we are delighted to share with you that we could at a least fell proud of ourselves as a responsible youth and are doing something good for a positive change. We believe; change must come from the self. It is our little approach.

Thanks to all youths of Chitwan, Police administration, Traffic police, media persons and local public for your kind support. It was amazing so many people coming together and pledging youths to vote for a positive change.

The event commenced from Pulchowk, Narayangardh where all youths representing various youth lead organizations and groups once again came together with their Umbrella for a positive change. In total 136 people had registered their names but around 200 youths participated in the rally. Rally started with a peaceful walk along with play cards that imprinted with awareness messages and pledge to vote.

The best part of Umbrella walk was the eye catchy walk with an Umbrella and beautiful-colorful play-cards. Also a I VOTE FOR CHANGE badge were provided to all participants that had imparted a strong positive vibes among the participants. Youths of all ages showed their support and believe that others must be encouraged to learn about their voting rights.

Asmita Gaire, the coordinator and campaigner explained the motive of the walk as it concluded at Chaubiskoti with a Flash Mob dance and Drama. She believes that the Local Election 2074 is not a threat but it is an opportunity, responsibility and duty of youths. Also, she requested all youths not to stay in home, take part in voting and be the change by voting the right candidate.

Sushma Kunwar, co-coordinator and another campaigner of an Umbrella Walk was delighted to see such a huge mass participating in the rally. Since, it was lead by team of girls she was not sure with the remarkable participation of so many youths but she is happy to be the part of the awareness campaign and set a remark among hundreds of youths from Chitwan. Also, she noted that team will be continuously working on to aware youths of various sectors to know their local leaders and their agendas before voting for them. Sushma requested youths to be more active during this election time as this is the right time to elect the right candidate which certainly determines the future of many youths of our society.

Team Better Chitwan will continuously be running similar campaign in various part of District. Sagar Karki, Campaigner of Better Chitwan informed that the campaign will motivate youths of various organization or teams in local level to organize similar programs.



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