भाग्य बोक्ने झोला – १

It feels great to see smiling pretty-cute faces and specially when you are the reason behind it.

Better Chitwan would like to thank all our well wishers who showed their great support o help us gift a bag with happiness to 17 sweet-innocent students of Shree Sundari Basic School, Kumpur-3, Dhading (3 were absent today). Special thanks to Lets Help Lets Educate and respected Dipen Baniya broda for your kind support from Australia to provide a 6 months scholarship to Asmita Magar (Class 7).

Also, huge gratitude to dear Achyut Paudel and Ichchha Sharma for your kind support of ‘Bhagya Bokney Jhola’ to 10 students.

A single package of ‘Bhagya Bokney Jhola’ includes:
1. Bag – 1 No
2. Copies – 10 pcs (Lined) 2 pcs (Plain)
3. Pencil – 10 pcs
3. Eraser and Sharpener – 2 pcs each
4. Scale – 1
5. Water color


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