Motivational Seminar and Career Guidance

Details of the Resource Speaker

Name                                      : Er. Sagar Karki

Address                                 : Bharatpur-7, Krishnapur, Chitwan

Association                            : Better Chitwan Campaign

Designation                           : Campaigner | Leadership & Motivation Coordinator

Email id                                  :

Contact no.                            : +977 – 9865077297

Course Details

SN Day Location Hours
1 2nd June Basgadhi, Bardiya 12:00 – 4:00
2 3rd June Tikapur, Kailali 12:00 – 4:00
3 4th June Satti, Kailali 12:00 – 4:00
4 5th June Bhajani, Kailali 12:00 – 4:00
5 6th June Kakaura, Bardiya 12:00 – 4:00


A motivational Seminar and Career Guidance workshop program was conducted in 5 CLRCs of Bardiya and Kailali district. The motive of the program was to prompt youths to understand and accept their own abilities, strengths, interest and limitation. Every youth should have reasonable expectations and requirements on themselves. The preconditions for learning are proactive and positive attitude, effective learning skills and good daily habits which need to be practiced by every young people. We aim to impart positive messages among youths through a motivational seminar. Career guidance encompasses assisting youths with career development. It includes help with career choice, job search, and skills on job application, CV writing and Interviews.

2. Section One: Career Guidance

This section includes a workshop on improving career guidance for young people. The main objective of a career guidance workshop is to assist youths with right career choices through practical based learning approach on Job application, CV writing and Interviews.

It started with an overview on dream, desires and destination. Participants were asked to share their dream of life and what they are doing to reach it. So as to enter into a professional life participants were introduced to the processes involved in getting a good job. They were taught about a well-written application letter (or cover letter) which is their initial introduction as a potential employer and the starting point that will lay the groundwork for their future interactions. With a sample application letter participants were asked to prepare their own application letter with all provided details on the standard format.

Next, participants were taught how to write a Curriculum Vitae (CV) with sample formats. Participants were then asked to prepare their own CV on the provided format based on their academics and proficiency including their own personal details.

The first session concluded with an interview workshop where participants were taught on possible questions for interview. Also, they were trained on various techniques adopted to ace the interviews. It was followed with an interaction along with a small mock interview session.

3. Section Two: Motivational Seminar

This section includes a seminar on self-confidence and personal motivation.

‘Motivational Seminars are just a little way of spreading love, happiness, positivism and spiritual healing to the lives of others.’ The seminar is based on positive thinking which produces positive results based on real life experiences through self-realization and transformation. Seminar was basically focused on following components;

  • Positive life Management:

Gives the participants an idea of how to change their personal and professional lives for the positive and how the right kind of thinking can make all the difference in every aspect of their lives.

  • How to think BIG?

Motivates the participants how they can enlarge their way of thinking in order to achieve the success they dream in life.

  • How to Build Confidence and Destroy Fear?

Teaches and motivates participants to build confidence and destroy fear to face any challenges and overcome any difficulties throughout the journey of their life.

  • I am possible:

It helps all the participants by illuminating an idea that nothing is impossible if it is granted positively and worked accordingly with positive aspects and attitude. We often give up before we start. But this session motivates participants to take a move, face the challenges and give a try before we quit.

4. Methodology:

It includes classical teaching methods like lectures and seminar with modern technical workshops like documentary show, small GD and demonstration. Projector was used to show the presentations and videos. Some of the inspiring documentaries to motivate participants were shown during the motivation session and career guidance workshop was done via presentation. Demonstration was done during both sessions. Participants were provided with written assessment and encouraged to participate in a group discussion as well.

5. Challenges

                Seminar was as per the schedule and participation was really great. But there were few challenges of the seminar which are mentioned below:

  1. Five Sessions were scheduled respectively on five days without a break which was challenging.
  2. Number of participants was really amazing and great provided that the space of the hall was small.
  3. Climate was too hot and challenging

6. Conclusion

                Though the schedule was challenging, program was beautiful and participation of youths was great. I feel immensely grateful to Restless Development Nepal for their wonderful support throughout the program and the opportunity provided to me to be the part of this wonderful initiative. Coordination by all OCs was really inspiring.

                Thank you so much!


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