The Better Chitwan is the voluntary youth initiative lead by group of youngsters from Chitwan passionate about making a difference in Nepal that works in one accord towards a better Nation. It uses its collective experience to act on issues that impact on young people. Its founding principle is ‘Being better is never being bad and if we are better we are already good and has a motto of ‘Better We, Better Nepal’. Better Chitwan Campaign’s vision is one where all young persons are empowered to develop the skills and confidence to fully participate as active citizens in an inclusive society. Our aim is to empower the next generation of leaders in to be the social change-makers of tomorrow.


It has been two years since the campaign started and now we have grown up to work on SEVEN components as mentioned below:

  1. Better Youth
  2. Better Education
  3. Better Environment
  4. Better Culture
  5. Better Health
  6. Better Technology
  7. Better Economy



‘Bhagya Bokney Jhola’ is a Scholarship Program under Better Education initiated by Better Chitwan Campaign so as to support students with poor economic background who can’t even afford a bag to carry study materials to School. Many political changes have been witnessed in Nepal but the education standard could not bring remarkable progress. Most of the remote areas of Nepal do not have access to quality education and many students do not afford education because of their poor economic condition.

Manisha Magar is studying in Class Seven at Shree Sundari basic School, Kumpur, Dhading. She has two little sisters studying in the same school. Manisha wants to be a teacher in future but since her family background is very poor she could not afford stationary materials and a bag for her school. She has to look after her sisters and help her mother with her daily works.

Asmi Mahato is studying at Divya Jyoti Basic School, Khairehani -13, Chitwan. Her father is an alcoholic and doesn’t have any source of income for his family. Her mother is suffered from neurodevelopmental disorder. But still she has a strong desire to be a good person in future.

Manisha Magar and Asmi Mahato are just example. There are many such students who can’t afford a quality education due to poor economic condition. Bhagya Bokney Jhola is our small effort to support those students with a gift of School Bag including stationary materials.



As ‘Bhagya Bokney Jhola’ is a student based scholarship program, the target groups we focus on are students with very poor economic background.

The program supported 17 students on first phase and is now supporting 27 students on Second phase. We aim to support 100 such students from different government schools of Chitwan and neighboring districts.

SN Name of the School Address No. of Students Benefited Planned Date
1 Shree Kanya Devi Basic School Kumpur, Dhading 17 11/6/2017
2 Divya Jyoti Basic School Khairehani, Chitwan 27 09/7/2017



Esimated cost for One Sets of Bhagya Bokney Jhola.

SN Particulars Rate No Total
1 Bag 500 1 500
2 Copies 35 10 350
3 Copies (Drawing) 30 2 60
4 Pencil 10 10 100
5 Eraser 10 4 40
6 Sharpner 10 4 40
7 Scale 15 2 30
8 Color 35 3 105
9 Geometry Box 150 1 150
Total Sum 1375
Estimated cost for 27 Sets of Bhagya Bokney Jhola 1375 27 37215
Flex Cost 550 1 550
Transportation 2000 1 2000
Total Estimated budget 39675


For more information:
Sagar Karki
Convener | Better Chitwan Campaign
9865077297 | 9815903844
Fb Page:

Bank Details:
Sagar Karki
Sanima Bank,
DhadingBensi Branch



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