Bhagya Bokney Jhola 2 – Puja Khatri


We, team Better Chitwan had conducted a scholarship program “Bhagya Bokne Jhola-2” at Khairehani-13, Chitwan.

Bhagya Bokney Jhola 1’ was conducted at Kumpur VDC of Dhading District in which we provided 17 students with complete sets of Bhagya Bokney jhola. Then, provided Bhagya Bokne Jhola upahar to selected 27 needy students from Shree Dibya Jyoti Basic School of Harnari, Khairehani  on the date of 9th July, 2017.

It took us 3 weeks to collect all the required materials. We’d like to thank everyone who showed their kind support to help us prepare 27 complete sets of Bhagya Bokney Jhola. According to the plan, we met at 10.30 am on Sunday and caught a Bus to Tandi Chowk. We 8 volunteers of Better Chitwan Campaign then reserved a micro for Harnari along with our gifts to little needy child of Dibya Jyoti School.  We reached Harnari by 12:15 pm. Then we had a good time at the community library of Harnari with our team members from Eastern Chitwan along with Youth Girl’s Club.

Program started by 2:30 pm. By then all students, teachers, school administrative and parents were present in the classroom where program was going to be conducted. We were delighted to see newly elected local leaders joining with us for the program.  And under the chairmanship of Ward Chairperson the program formally started and we distributed ‘Bhagya Bokne Jhola’ to each selected students.

The program was very effective and as planned. That moment to see smiles on all those cute little faces after getting ‘Bhagya Bokney Jhola’ gift was worth million.


Lined copies                       10 pcs

Drawing copies                 2 Pcs

Pencils                                10 Pcs

Scale                                    1 Pcs

Color                                    1 Set

Sharpener                          1 Pcs

Eraser                                 2 Pcs

Tooth Brush                       1 Pcs

Tooth Paste                        1 pcs

Bag                                      1 No



There were few challenges and obstacles too. The most difficult task was to manage all the stationaries Bags. We had very few resources. But the cooperation and coordination between volunteers made it easier. We received a very good support from our contributors as well. Even we contributed ourselves.

Finally, within 3 weeks we managed to collect all the resources. Then we had to pre-pond the event as we had ‘Junkiri-music for charity’ on our pipeline.

To minimize the expenses we travelled in a local vehicle to reach to the destination. It was not easy to handle those innocent little kids. As parents and local leaders also attended the program it was a huge mass. But then heavy rain became hurdle in between the program. However, it could not stop us.


Program was successful all because of the contribution and support made by our well-wishers and hard work of our volunteers.

Finally we did it. Yes, we were successful to bring smile on those cute little pretty faces. In spite of all those challenges we learnt many things. To the top, we have now concrete determination to gift ‘ Bhagya Bokney jhola’ to more needy students from different corners of the country.

As a coordinator, I’d like to request all kind hearted people to help us move ahead so that together we could share happiness with many such needy faces. Thank you so much!

Puja Khatri
Coordinator (Bhagya Bokney Jhola)


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