Junkiri is the first Monthly Child magazine initiated by Better Chitwan to promote reading culture in Students.

Kids these days are often guided by technologies; makes them dull and less competitive. Reading books isn’t a cup of tea for everyone. A very little of the adult population are avid readers! Reading is not just a pastime; it is about enhancing and developing your knowledge.

If you want to inculcate a reading habit in your children, you need to foster that, when they are very young. Kids should adore books and magazines and develop a love for reading. Letting your kid get attracted to magazines is the first step in developing their reading habit.

Here, we present you the first ever monthly child magazine that aims to promote reading culture in students. Puzzles, questions, riddles, fun and imaginative stories, pictures, and more are featured in this magazine. Also, it promotes young talents, creativity and encourages developing the vocabulary, reading, and writing skills in Children.

Subscribe now to inculcate a reading habit in your children.

Subscription fee:
12-months full Subscrition: Nrs. 550/-
6-months full subscription: Nrs.300/-

For Subscription:

For more information:
9845689776 | 9865077297
Sujata Devkota | CEO



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