Better Youth Camp Day-2

Better Youth Camp 16 ended with loads of learning and fun-filled memories associated with young-energetic participants who added a life to the camp. Day 2 started with a documentary on leadership skills-life-Volunteering with an introduction of trainers for the day 2. Shailesh Sharma, campaign lead of Better School took a session on Better School Campaign … Continue reading Better Youth Camp Day-2


Better Youth Camp 16 – Day 1

A day 1 of Better Youth Camp 16 concluded with loads of positive vibes that stimulated the session with zest and learning attitude. The camp was hosted by Better Rubina Shrestha who presented a video on better Chitwan with team #betterchitwan illuminating the concept behind the BETTER CHITWAN. Then all the participants played a hot … Continue reading Better Youth Camp 16 – Day 1